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As a largely volunteer-powered organization, supported by food and product partnerships, we have low overhead – your contributions go right to work changing lives. For every $1,000 invested in the community through White Pony Express, we can deliver $4,000 worth of food and…

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About White Pony Express

(Pleasant Hill, CA)

IMPACT. In just 7 years, a small but mighty team of 20 staff, dedicated volunteers, and 11 vehicles have rescued and delivered 15 million pounds of fresh, high-quality food – enough for more than 10.5 million meals!  We have distributed 650,000+ items of clothing, shoes, books & toys. Through our partners, and powered by 400+ volunteers, our growing circle of giving serves 125,000+ people in our community.

WHO WE SERVE. Our 100+ regular recipient agencies serve a wide variety of demographics and include shelters, community centers, senior living facilities, foster youth programs, homes for people with disabilities, low-income schools, and more. By providing free food and clothing to these agencies, they are able to focus their limited budgets and energy on the services they specialize in, creating an omni-win for everyone!

THE WHY BEHIND OUR WORK. Dr. Carol Weyland Conner founded WPE in 2013. She was troubled by the fact that in a county of tremendous abundance, thousands of people went hungry each day and many more suffered from inadequate, unhealthy diets. At the same time, grocery stores, retailers, food manufacturers, farms, and restaurants were discarding thousands of pounds of high-quality fresh food. The organization matured by harnessing this abundance through our dedicated local volunteer base. Being a caring ‘neighbor’ is an idea that’s fundamental to our organization, and is one of our most effective safeguards against hunger and poverty. By exercising compassion and love toward the community, WPE aims to cultivate a sense of unity, actualizing our motto, all of us taking care of all of us.


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